Top 10 Places to Elope in Utah

In choosing to get married, the idea of eloping is a romantic chase of wedding wanderlust with simplicity as a forethought, while keeping the ceremony details beautiful and intimate. Choosing to elope provides the opportunity to remove most of the complications that potentially shroud a traditional style wedding day. One direct decision involves the elopement location. So, allow me to help. Consider southern Utah. There are no waiting periods for couples, and you don’t have to be a resident in order to be married here. Also, there are many locations that are scenic, and provide beautiful backdrops. Since many places are less populated, or double as state parks, there are a plethora of choices that cater to that yearn for adventurous wanderlust to capture the beginnings of forever. So, here are the Top 10 Places to Elope in Utah.  

zion national park

  1. Zion National Park is located two and half hours from Las Vegas. This is fantastic for couples who are looking to be isolated just enough, but close enough to have options for things to do. Conveniently, the park is also forty-five minutes from the airport in Saint George, so the travel time isn’t too bad. Inside, there are a few specific locations designated for ceremonies, however couples are allowed to take photographs anywhere. One thing to note is the permit requirement for photography inside the park. If you are looking to avoid the fee, don’t count out Zion National Park just yet. There are locations just outside that you can utilize that are also gorgeous.  Check out this gorgeous Zion Elopement by clicking here.

snow canyon state park

  1. Snow Canyon State Park is closer to the airport and located 5 minutes from Saint George, Utah in the Red Mountains. The location is a geological beauty and is perfect for the couples wanting a beautiful western style elopement with a stunningly orange and red canyon backdrop that features gorgeous sunsets. One highlight in the park is the sandstone carved canyon with access to multiple trails and petrified sand dunes to make for a stunning place to exchange vows. There is a great outdoor campground popular with families and adventurers alike looking to experience an adventure complete with plenty of space allowing for that just-right secluded elopement feel.  Check out this gorgeous elopement in Snow Canyon by clicking here.

grand staircase national monument – escalante

  1. Escalante, Utah is a cozy little desert town near the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. This town and surrounding areas are a great choice to consider eloping because it is remote, located about five hours from Salt Lake City, and about three hours from Saint George. Escalante provides a great destination for couples who want the ideal secluded intimate wedding, with exciting adventures available nearby. There are guides to assist your explorations and the weather most of the year is moderate due to its superb location. Spring and Fall are the best timeframe to consider eloping. 


  1. Moab, Utah is a popular choice among many couples for elopements for so many good reasons. This town is centrally surrounded by two national parks, one state park, and the La Sal Mountains. Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse State Park offer great location areas with a surprising and exciting list of adventures to complete the allure. The backdrops between these different locations are diverse enough to create an original elopement photography gallery for you to cherish. The amenity choices for lodging, food and vendors make this location great for planning the simplistic details to make this experience the best. The list of wedding activities includes trailing the off-roads, rock climbing, and hiking to add to your choices of activities. Moab is the absolute spot to elope in true wanderlust style.  
Delicate Arch located in Arches National Park – Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay

uinta mountains

  1. The Uinta Mountains are located more northeast and are another great place to consider eloping. Boasting as home to the highest point in the state, one could imagine the stunning and vast views of the landscape looking down into the basin. This location is different from the others in that there are thick forests and wetlands. Trails will lead you near quiet lakes and bubbling streams. The Uintas give the more traditional look when imagining a mountain style elopement. Planning to elope here will be unforgettable just for the scenery alone. 
Night Skies over the Uinta Mountains make the perfect backdrop for a campout elopement
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

wasatch mountains

  1. The Wasatch Mountains offer a great variety of choices for a fantastic elopement. They fit the idea of a traditional mountain range backdrop. Located near Salt Lake City, this mountain range is a hidden gem with access to a variety of locations that offer fine dining and luxurious experiences. You can choose to elope in solitude in the passes of the mountains with the ability to hop on over into town and experience what the city has to offer. Wasatch also has access to beautiful water-filled scenery, trees, and mountain views that will take your breath away.   

san rafael swell

  1. The San Rafael Swell is remote and a geologic wonder. It makes the top 10 list because the view allows you to see the entire Little Grand Canyon. There are many scenic vistas that are visible from the tops of the swell. You can see everything from the canyons, to the plateaus. The activities available here to fill the adventurers’ hearts range from backpacking, to camping and biking. There is a fifteen-dollar fee to be aware of when entering the Goblin Valley State Park along with a small camping fee if you choose to stay here, however, the complete experience is definitely worth it.  


  1. Kanab, Utah is another elopement destination choice. This location is known for its backdrop settings in many older style western movies. Kanab has a variety of amenities and makes a for a wonderful location as a great getaway. The small town gives off a great western appeal and offers a large variety of food, lodging, and entertainment options. Kanab is also in pretty close proximity to parks nearby such as Zion National Park.  

capitol reef national park

  1. Capitol Reef National Park boasts a rich cultural history that is cornerstone to this specific location. Eloping here offers a chance for history buffs to mix beautiful geologic scenery with rich history dating back from prehistoric times to the homesteading period. Again, there is a gorgeous backdrop full of orange mountains, and desert. You also have the ability to get away from the light pollution here and see all the stars in the night sky. How romantic, right?  

the salt flats

  1. The Salt Flats are some of the most unique landscapes in the entire North American continent. The salt plains used to be a lake and contrasts boldly with the blue skies on sunny days. Eloping here is a great option because the weather changes make for some of the most gorgeous and unique wedding experiences you’d enjoy. Some days will be extremely dry and others will have the entire landscape covered in water making for exciting and stunning wedding pictures. The Salt Flats are located about two hours west of Salt Lake City, near the Wasatch mountains in case you were looking for things to do while in the area.    
The Salt Flats at Sunrise
Image by whitfieldink from Pixabay

Whether you are looking for a mountainous getaway, an adventurous experience, or complete and serene seclusion for your elopement, Utah has it.  

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