Elopement in the Shadows of Zion National Park

Zion National Park is beautiful! There is absolutely no doubt about that, and about 4 million other people tend to agree, which is around the amount of people that visit Zion every year. It’s beautiful, but it’s crowded. Most people choose an elopement, because they want an intimate wedding, one with just their partner and maybe a few other guests…and that’s really hard to get at Zion, especially since the locations you can actually have a ceremony are pretty limited.

This elopement is basically a Zion National Park elopement, but without all the crowds and with all the beauty. It is both intimate and stunning. The backdrop is Zion National Park’s famous West Temple formation and the area closer borders a lesser known portion of the park. It’s definitely not as easy to access, but for those adventurous souls looking for a Zion National Park without all the crowds, this is an amazing compromise. Plus it’s not in a canyon, so the lighting is always amazing for those perfect photos. Still interested in a Zion National Park elopement, I don’t blame you and it’s still one of my most favorite places to photograph, click here to learn more about the park’s policies. Interested in a more remote, intimate and adventurous location, click here and I can find you your perfect spot away from the crowds. Want to know why I love elopements click here to read about why it might be the best option for you.

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