Destination Wedding Photography

Looking to get married in a beautiful destination that can serve as both wedding venue and honeymoon…THAT is unique, challenging, and also an adventure….then a destination wedding is definitely for you. Experience a new culture, new foods, new sights…or return to a place that meant everything to the two of you. I provide AMAZING destination wedding photography and just as amazing service!

The why?

  1. Start the honeymoon early!!! Most couples choose to go on a honeymoon at some point, whether immediately after their wedding, or within the first year. Since you’re already traveling there why not start the honeymoon early and combine your wedding with your honeymoon destination.
  2. Cost Savings! Depending on where you live there are certain countries where getting married is SO expensive. If you choose a destination country, especially outside of the United States, it is so much cheaper to have a wedding. From caterers, to florals, planners, and decor…it can be much cheaper outside of the U.S. Plus, if you find that special place it’s usually so pretty that decorations and florals aren’t needed. So save that money for adventures after the wedding.
  3. Have a longer celebration Traditional one day weddings go by in the blink of an eye. Seriously, they feel like they are over just as they began. With a destination wedding you can turn the celebration from a day into a week.
  4. Give your guests the gift of a vacation. Most of your wedding guests will be traveling from somewhere anyway, so why not have them to travel to an amazing destination where they can stay as short or as long as they want.
  5. It’s more intimate Looking for a way to narrow down the guest list, without offending anyone, a destination wedding makes this easy and not awkward. Everyone will understand why they might be missing an invite once they find out your planning a destination wedding. Imagine sharing a meaningful and beautiful location with your closest family and friends and of course you can always throw a laid back casual celebration once you get back for all of your friends and family.

why choose me

I have been traveling and photographing for years in big cities, off the beaten path, through jungles, beaches, and mountains. I know how to coordinate, plan, and I know locals that can make things go smoothly. I have traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia), through the mountains of Nepal, from the beaches to the colonial towns of Mexico, around Europe, India and throughout Central America.

I am a wedding traveling, luggage packing, destination logistics expert. I am the most organized person you’ll ever meet. Plus my pictures are amazing. I have off the beaten path locations that would be amazing one of kind destinations for your wedding. I know a lot about other cultures and I can help you have an amazing wedding while respecting local customs and traditions. I have working relationships with many local vendors and I would be more than happy to put you in touch with them. Plus I take some amazing photos, wherever I am in the world.

Have a destination in mind, need a photographer, someone to help with planning, location scouting and suggestions…contact me here! I’d love to photograph or help plan your dream wedding. Or just want to follow along with my travels, click here

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