Give me an hour in Mexico City and I will give you about 2,000 photos in what looks to be 30 different locations. It seriously is a photographer’s dream. This shoot was very special to me. There are a few pictures against what looks to be a seemingly ordinary blue wall. I mean no bright vibrant blue wall is ordinary, that is unless your in Mexico, where buildings are all painted vibrant bright colors. But this blue wall happens to be on the outside of what was the house of Frida Kahlo. Who is everything I aspire to be and who sadly lived too short of a life. As far as artist’s who have inspired me, it’s her…and that’s about it. If you don’t know who Frida Kahlo is or if you don’t know much about her, please google her, right now. Now onto this beautiful bride in beautiful Mexico City.

After I had my moment shooting this bride outside of Frida Kahlo’s house. We moved onto some other brightly colored walls, then of course a beautiful 16th century Spanish church, oh yeah and then onto a beautiful 16th century Spanish cathedral, and from there two beautiful succlulent gardens, and then onto not just one, but two plazas, one with an amazing fountain…complete with two coyotes, because well this the Coyocan area of Mexico City. And that run on sentences perfectly describes photographing in Mexico City, it is a place rich with culture, architechure, and history. This photoshoot took less than an hour and we walked maybe half a mile. So that’s 1 hour, 1/2 mile, and 3 128 gb memory cards.

Of course after the shoot was complete, we walked a few feet to a beautiful café in the plaza. We had ourselves fresh churros and a delicious café con leche. We sat and drank and listened to the fountain, the sound of the pigeons, the laughter of families, and the variety of music that played from passing cars and taxis, and then right at 9 am we listened to the toll of the church bells ring out from the churches, announcing morning mass. Are we in Europe we thought, no even better, this is Mexico, and this is why everyone should get married or at least visit Mexico at least once, if not ten times.