About Me

Hello! I’m Sarah and I’m just going to come right out and say it….I want to be your wedding photographer. Not only that I want to be the one you can depend on, the one person that you look back on and say “WOW! We are glad we hired her! I want to be the person you invite along on your special day because you trust me, you know I am going to capture every single special moment, and that I am going to give you the one thing you can take away from your wedding day, pictures…pictures of every single moment, moments you didn’t know I captured, moments that fifty years from now you’ll look back on and shed a tear of happiness. Of course I’ll be your third wheel, and I am definitely going to be your best friend (don’t worry actual BFF, I’ll be your best wedding “vendor” friend”), because I am going to be there for you throughout your wedding journey, easing your stress, hopefully making you laugh a little, and definitely being totally organized and dependable. Stressed about your wedding? Don’t worry, we’ve got this!

So why hire me? I have spent years, literally years, hiking around the southwestern United States, camera in hand. I know this place like the back of my hand. Want a unique place for your elopement, someplace intimate without another soul in site, I know exactly where that is! Want a place where you can get married and then spend the rest of the day or days with your closest friends and family biking, hiking, climbing, or whatever outdoor activities your into, I know where that is too! I’ve also mastered the difficultness of desert light, which like all things in the desert can be harsh and unforgiving, but don’t worry I know how to work with rather than tame it’s wildness and transform it into something amazing. Mid day photo session? no problem, it’s going to look amazing!

When I’m not spending my time taking pictures, I work as a wildland firefighter on a hotshot crew. This translates into me being able to hike forever, carrying heavy stuff…so you have a location that is far away, hours of hiking, maybe camping over night? Let’s do it! Cold, snowy mountain passes…long hikes through the desert…even better!!!

I’ve traveled throughout the world, spending most of my time in Mexico. I’ve been all over Southeast Asia, I’ve mountain biked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal reaching the world’s highest pass at just under 18,000 feet. I’ve traveled throughout India, Europe, and Central America. If you’d like to get to know me better, I invite you to visit my personal Instagram page by clicking here and learn a little bit about me when I’m not photographing weddings.

I’ll end this by saying, I am organized, I am fun, I am dependable, and maybe a little sarcastic. I know my way around a camera. Through my years spent in the outdoors, I’ve gained skills in climbing ,hiking, rappeling so no location is too far, or too difficult. Whether it be a mountaintop or a cliffside, I can get you there. And as the Terminator once said…”Come with me if you want to li….I mean, if you want to have awesome photos!”

Let’s Capture Your Unique Love Story!

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