Morelia Bonita Bridals

When most people think of Mexico they think of beaches, delicious food, lively and kind people and well they’re not wrong, but not all of Mexico is tropical beaches (but all of it does have lively and kind people AS WELL as delicious food.) If you haven’t ventured inland, you are missing out on some of the most amazing places Mexico has to offer. Colonial cities full of history, beautiful churches, incredible museums, and of course kind people and delicious food.

One of these amazing cities is Morelia, located just over 4 hours from Mexico City, in the north central part of the state of Michoacán in central Mexico. With all of it’s beautiful colonial architecture, the city (like many other cities in Mexico) was declared a declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and trust me it is very deserving. Complete with a beautiful historic center with several dreamy and romantic plazas, as well as the Callejon del Romance (Alley of Romance for us gringos) it is one my favorite places for weddings and elopements. Want to check it out for yourself, interested in seeing everything Mexico has to offer for adventurous couples who want the architecture of Europe, combined with delicious authentic food with a short flight from the US, contact me here and let’s start planning your Mexican wedding! For now enjoy these beautiful photos of this beautiful bride.

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